Modified E-Bike’s Fiery Explosion A Warning

Modified E-Bike’s Fiery Explosion A Warning

An E-bike with a modified battery ignited into flames that were quickly contained because of the fire’s close proximity to an extinguisher. Reports were not clear if the bike was privately owned or used by a food-delivery service. The Straits Times reports that the fire took place in Singapore where, unlike in the United States, there are strict laws on e-bike modifications (that obviously didn’t deter this owner from making modifications) and there are a much larger number of E-bikes in operation than in the States.

As E-bike use expands in America, businesses and individuals will be tempted to modify their bikes (to extend range, exceed speed limits or save money on replacement batteries), greatly increasing the chance of fires. This is another great argument for restricting E-bikes from natural-surface, multi-user trails where a fire of this type could be catastrophic.


UPDATE 1/15/20: Modified E-bike’s fiery explosion a warning.

UPDATE 10/21/19: Why communities can’t trust micromobility rental businesses.

UPDATE 10/17/19: Dutch insurers and fire fighters worry about increase in e-bike battery fires.

UPDATE 8/18/19: A sad story from CBS8 reports that Ocean Beach surfboard shaper Ace Elliot has lost his workshop to a fire that he suspects was ignited by his charging e-bike battery.

UPDATE 8/3/19: Lyft has removed their entire E-bike rental fleet from San Francisco after two bikes caught fire.

UPDATE 2/3/19: Forbes reports that it is “unusual for electric bikes to catch fire” in their report on Stella, a Dutch E-bike company that suffered three fires in seven months. While supposedly a rare occurrence, if a charging battery explodes in your garage are you supposed to feel like a lottery winner? Please take the time to read this story that includes steps to reduce (but not eliminate) the chance of burning your house down.

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