Lyft E-Bikes Pulled From San Francisco Bike Share Program After Two Fires

Lyft E-Bikes Pulled From San Francisco Bike Share Program After Two Fires

The San Francisco Examiner is reporting that Lyft has suspended its e-bike share program on the streets of San Francisco after two e-bikes caught fire in separate locations in the span of a week.

Jonathan Baxter, a spokesperson for the San Francisco Fire Department, said the department classified the incident as a “battery pack issue” and a “fire from battery pack.” The fire was deemed not suspicious by the San Francisco Fire Department although a Lyft spokesperson has told media outlets that vandalism has not been ruled out (by Lyft) as the cause of the fires.

This is the second time the Lyft e-bike fleet has been pulled from use in San Francisco. The first time was due to what Lyft claims was a front brake issue.

This is also not the first time a bike share company has battled battery fire issues. In March of this year, Citi Bike’s main service hub in New York experienced a fire caused by a charging battery.

The companies who sell, rent and promote e-bikes have done riders a great disservice by not addressing the fire potential of their products. There are simple ways to reduce (but not eliminate) the damage done by an exploding battery.

1. Never leave a battery charging unattended. Day or night.
2. Don’t overcharge batteries.
3. Don’t charge batteries near combustible or explosive materials.
4. Never charge a battery that has been dropped, damaged or dinged.
5. Charge batteries on wire shelving with rollers. This allows an overheating or flaming battery to be quickly rolled away from structures.


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