Los Misterios Releases New Album Including “Surfing Motocross”

Los Misterios Releases New Album Including “Surfing Motocross”

I’ve always had an appreciation of surf/hot rod music from The Beach Boys to Man Or Astro-man? and have been known to DJ cruise nights and car shows (as my alter ego, Jammin’ Jimmy, The Hot Rod DJ). 

IV, the latest release from Los Misterios, caught my attention because the first song in the 11-song collection is titled Surfing Motocross. The tune captures the explosive acceleration and high-speed flow it takes to race motocross. I wish Los Misterios (The Mystery) would have added a few sound effects (preferably two-strokes) but the band is obviously into playing their music without gimmicks.

Click here to listen to Surfing Motocross. Or. you can actually buy a CD (remember those) from Double Crown Records by clicking here.

By the way, the crossover of surfing and motocross is nothing new. Jody Weisel, the most-published motocross journalist in history, wrote about the surfing connection in his monthly Motocross Action Magazine column, Jody’s Box. Click here to read it.

There is also an annual Surfercross event. Click here for more info on that.

Other worldly: Los Misterios’ new 11-song release, IV.