E-bike Fires More Prevalent Than Claimed?

E-bike Fires More Prevalent Than Claimed?

While e-bike publications claim fires are a rare occurrence, more reports of exploding e-bikes and e-bike fires seem to point to a larger problem. The latest report comes from the Sun, a British newspaper and website. The story includes video footage of the bike burning and exploding. You can read the story by clicking here.

The exploding bike is a mountain bike that appears to have been converted to an electric-motorized bike with the addition of a hub motor. These inexpensive and popular conversion kits can turn bicycles into a fire breathing (no pun intended) electric-motorized bikes that are difficult, if not impossible, to regulate. Luckily, the bike was being operated in an urban setting (instead of on a trail) where emergency services were able to reach the blazing saddle quickly (but not quick enough to save the bike).

One more reason to question land managers who permit the use of electric-motorized bikes on their trails. A fire starter like this could easily ignite a forest fire in the dry conditions of Southern California.


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