Buy A Gas Gas Motorcycle And Get A Free E-Bike

Buy A Gas Gas Motorcycle And Get A Free E-Bike

I’ve always favored “value added” deals over a straight discount. This Gas Gas Spice Up Spring promotion is a perfect example. Instead of offering something like a $1,000 discount off a Gas Gas Motorcycle, the company is throwing in a Gas Gas E-bike with the purchase of select Gas Gas Motorcycles. This is a win win for everybody. Here’s why.

First, when companies offer a flat discount, it hurts their customers who purchased a product for full pop. A perfect example is when Serial 1 slashed their E-bike price by $1500 for a Black Friday sale. The poor rider who spent $3,700 on their bike in November, instantly lost close to 30% of the bike’s resale value in a few weeks. 

Second, if the customer gets something extra when purchasing a product (like in this promotion), they get a lot more value than they would with a straight discount. That’s because a company can offer a product worth more to the consumer than the cash offer. The E-bike is worth $1,500 to the customer, but costs the company less than $1,000.

The only drawback is that the rider has to want an E-bike at the same time they are buying the Gas Gas Motorcycle. Or maybe not. The customer could buy the motorcycle, take the free E-Bike and resell it for more than any cash discount would have been. 

You’ve got to take advantage before April 30th so if you are interested, better get on it now

Free ride: Buy a Gas Gas Motorcycle before April 30th and you get a Gas Gas E-bike thrown in for free.
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