Thank You Gavin Trippe For Everything You Did

Shocking news that the father of The Superbikers and promoter of the Carlsbad Gran Prix died in a reported car accident. Gavin will be remembered for all the positive influence he brought to the young sport of motocross in America and for single handedly inventing the Superbikers event. You can read more about Gavin here.  In the photo from left are Gavin Trippe, Teddy Boyco, Debbie Lewis, my wife Gail, me and Todd Huffman. Photo by Scott Cox.  

Captain America Fails To Sell His Motorcycle (UPDATED)

We watched this Captain America motorcycle auction carefully, thinking someone might make a last-minute bid to capture this crime-fighting motorcycle. Didn’t happen. The $100,000 opening bid didn’t attract any bidders, proving the  buy-it-now price of $300,000 was a pipe dream. Maybe the bike will be relisted with more realistic asking values. The original story…. Times are tough for super heroes. Captain America, who lives off his meager social security checks and small payments from sporadic personal appearances, is trying to sell his beloved 1977 Yamaha. The bike looks like a…

1964 BSA Starlite Motorcycle A Rare Opportunity

This “Running When Parked” is a rare find for any BSA collector and the asking price is realistic. The bike appears to be in good shape and was probably stored properly (no major sun damage, ripped saddle or cracking tires). I like the forward-mounted rear shocks (done way before motocross bikes re-started the trend). The bike looks like BSA’s response to the Honda 50 from the same period. Very cool. The phrase “running when parked” (RWP) is code for a once treasured possession that has been neglected in the corner…

NASA’s E-Bike “To Boldly Go Where No Bike Has Gone Before”

The NASA lunar e-bike prototype was said to be developed in the event of the lunar rover vehicle not being ready for the Apollo missions of 1972 and 1973. The moon scooter didn’t need to be deployed because the lunar rover hit its intended completion deadline. It would take a few years for earth-bound e-bikes to catch up to the lunar bike, but I guess there is one larger trend that can be accredited to this NASA research: hard-shell bicycle helmets.  

Captain America Falls On Hard Times, Looking To Hawk His Motorcycle

Times are tough for super heroes. Captain America, who lives off his meager social security checks and small payments from sporadic personal appearances, is trying to sell his beloved 1977 Yamaha. The bike looks like a road racer with a full fairing, rearsets and aerodynamic tail section. That impression ends at the tires that are off-road knobbies. The asking price? The bidding starts at $100,000 or you can buy it now for only $300,000. You better act quickly, though. Rumor has it that Bruce Wayne is watching the bidding.

Connecticut E-Bike Regulations Protect Unsuspecting Consumers

California was the first state to address e-bike usage by modifying its vehicle code with Assembly Bill 1096. The modified vehicle code is a big victory for companies and retailers who sell (or rent) electric-motorized bicycles in the state, but the legislation puts consumers at a marked disadvantage. The e-bike regulations recently adopted by Connecticut corrects California’s goof and results in legislation far more fair to consumers. APPROPRIATE TRAIL ACCESS The California law allows all but the most powerful e-bikes to be operated on equestrian, hiking and recreational trails. The…

Harley-Davidson Sportster Ironhead Perfect For A Knucklehead

This Running When Parked is unique because the owner removed the gearbox from a bike that “ran great when parked.” If it was running great, why did the owner disassemble the gearbox? Maybe it was running great, but I’ll bet it wasn’t shifting great. And it pays to read the ad carefully. The seller is “asking $2000” but the headline lists the price as $1500. The buyer already saved $500. Does that make it a good price? Nope. The bike is missing the battery, an exhaust pipe and probably a…

Mammoth Mountain Bike Park Opens To E-Bikes (UPDATED)

If there was ever a mountain bike park that needed to be approved for e-bike use, it is the Mammoth Mountain Bike Park. Why? Mammoth is notoriously one of the toughest places to ride a conventional mountain bike. The park’s altitude assures your lungs will feel like an elephant is sitting on them. The trail surface is soft, spongy, dusty, momentum-killing pumice that can break the spirit of the strongest riders (think kitty litter). There is not a rider who has ridden the Mammoth Mountain Bike Park trails and not…

Scaring Pedestrians In Bike Lanes Is Counterproductive

While I understand this rider’s frustration with people blocking a bike lane when they could and should be on the sidewalk, his solution to the problem may cause more hostility against riders. Best approach is to reduce your speed and give a polite “behind you” or “on your left.” That will work better than blasting off someone’s toupee. You also don’t want to become a victim of road rage (or in this case, pedestrian rage).

An Unmolested 1972 Maico 501 Barn Find For A Skilled Negotiator

This seller gets an A+ in collectable Maicos, a D-minus in salesmanship and an F in motorcycle appraisal. Although missing the front fender, this 1972 Maico 501 appears to have few hours of operation (a rider’s knees rubbed the paint off the fiberglass tank after the 10-hour mark) and chances are it was never raced (aside from a total lack of aftermarket parts, there are no number plates). The bike doesn’t appear to be missing components (except for that fender). The seller should have given more history and additional photos…