New York City Fire Department Posts Life-Saving Tips For Every E-Bike Owner

New York City Fire Department Posts Life-Saving Tips For Every E-Bike Owner

Jimmy Mac On Two Wheels has long preached logical and simple techniques (listed below) that every E-bike owner can adopt to reduce the chance of a fire tragedy. A recent bulletin issued by the New York City Fire Department uses plenty of my suggestions and adds a few they feel will help reduce the number of deaths and property/structure damage caused by an exploding E-bike battery.

You can read the tips by clicking right here.

The E-bike industry continues to downplay the potential fire danger. They state, accurately, that since the issue only affects a small number of vehicles, it is unfair for outlets like Jimmy Mac On Two Wheels to sensationalize the “few” tragedies for clicks or ad revenue. JMOTW doesn’t accept advertising and we don’t track or monetize our site’s visitors. We simply want to pass along life-saving tips to E-bike owners (like ourselves) because the company who sold you your E-bike probably didn’t. Or buried the tips in the fine print of the owner’s manual that you didn’t read.

So take the time to read my tips and the fire department’s tips. E-bike fires are always rare until they happen to you.

1. Never leave a battery charging unattended. Day or night.

2. Don’t leave batteries on a charger once they are charged.

3. Don’t charge batteries near combustible or explosive materials.

4. Don’t charge a battery in a confined space like a motorhome, RV, boat, automobile, van or shed.

5. Never charge a battery that has been dropped, damaged or dinged.

6. Never charge a battery in a hallway entry/exit.

7. Never modify a battery.

8. Use only batteries recommended and approved by your bike’s manufacturer. Same with the battery charger.

9. Charge batteries on wire shelving with rollers. This allows an overheating or flaming battery to be quickly rolled away from structures.

10. If your e-bike makes a weird noise, feels hot, emits smoke or seems to be straining, stop riding. Do not load it in a car or put in the garage. Call 911. Any of these warning signs could mean a fire is eminent.

11. Look for the UL 2849 certified sticker on your next e-bike purchase.