Rain Delay Hurts Senoia Raceway National Short Track Event

Rain Delay Hurts Senoia Raceway National Short Track Event

I can’t wait for Cycle News to show up on Monday night. Sure, you can get race results faster on-line and watch video highlights on YouTube, but the newspaper format is still my favorite way to absorb racing news. Cycle News does a great job every week and you can’t beat the price (it’s free).

Something I always check out because I’m weird is the size of the crowd. How many people are dropping hard-earned cash to smell the race fuel, get a sunburn and lose a few years of hearing by attending the event in person? 

I was disappointed to see the crowd size at last week’s Senoia Raceway National Short Track event. It hurt that the event was delayed a day because of rain (from Saturday to Sunday) but come on Georgia, you’ve got to have more race fans than that!

Our only local Progressive American Flat Track event (another short track) is coming up May 11th at the Ventura Raceway (where the dirt meets the surf). Last year it sold out so I got my tickets already. You should too if you want to see the big bikes in action. I can guarantee that there will be more fans in the seats than Georgia.

Beach boy: The Progressive American Flat Track events are just not the same this year without JD Beach. The TT specialist and consistent top-ten guy in any event, lost his ride at the end of 2023. That’s a shame. The show goes on, but it is not the same without him. Photo courtesy of Cycle News.