Please Peter Sagan, Hang Up The Number Plates

Please Peter Sagan, Hang Up The Number Plates

Just learned that Peter Sagan needs to undergo a second heart procedure after undergoing an initial heart surgery just weeks ago. Dude, you got nothing left to prove to your legion of devoted fans and jealous rivals (after 3 World Championships, 7 Tour de France Sprint Jerseys and winning both the Paris-Roubaix and Tour of Flanders). And both fans and rivals would rather that you hang up the number plates now rather than suffer a heart attack or heart failure on your bike.

Funny, because I’ve said many times that going out with a massive heart attack while climbing Gridley Trail would be way better than getting my butt wiped by a stranger and wasting away in a hospital bed. But Peter, I’m old and you’re still a youngster! You got so much to live for while enjoying the fruits of all the work, labor and sacrifice you’ve put in over your career.

If money is an issue (I doubt it), I am certain that Specialized would pay you handsomely to help with R&D and make appearances from time to time to your adoring fans. I have Park City buddies who claim you have a place up there. Not a bad neighborhood to hang up the cleats and kick back. You don’t even have to hang up the cleats. You just shouldn’t enter into the pain locker of mountain bike racing again. 

Hope to see you cruising the Mid Mountain Trail sometime. Call it a day, please.

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