Another “Rare” Fire Destroys All MotoE Series Race Bikes

The UK’s Independent is reporting that all the bikes and equipment for MotoGP’s electric support series, MotoE, were destroyed in a paddock building fire at the Jerez circuit in southern Spain. This comes just a few weeks before the start of the 2019 series. All the bikes in the spec-class are provided by Italy’s Energica. It is difficult to imagine a scenario where 18 bikes could be safely made race-ready in time for the series’ beginning. It is also unimaginable that MotoE series management would allow this equipment to be left unsupervised. In any high-stakes competition the racing equipment should always be under a watchful eye to prevent espionage or in this case, total destruction from fire.

An investigation into the fire’s cause is underway. Judging from the demolished building, finding the fire’s cause may never be conclusively proven. That didn’t stop electrek scribe Micah Toll from throwing out the theory that the fire was possibly arson because “There are no shortage of e-haters out there.” There are far more fossil-fuel haters so if this is indeed the result of arson, maybe the arsonist set fire to the wrong paddock building?

No matter what the cause of this fire, please don’t leave electric vehicles charging unattended.

The building’s remains (or lack thereof) will make conclusively identifying the fire’s cause difficult or impossible. The building appears to be a temporary shelter, like those used in trade shows or for hospitality.
The fire destroyed 18 Italian-made Energica electric-motorized motorcycles. Why these expensive exotic race bikes (the street version starts at $22,500) were left unsecured needs to be investigated as thoroughly as the fire itself.


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