Trip To The Whistling Duck Pub Ends In E-bike Inferno

Trip To The Whistling Duck Pub Ends In E-bike Inferno

This poor guy claims to have purchased two new e-bikes, loaded them in his truck and then watched in disbelief as they exploded and burned. I use the word “claims” because the only news report I found on the incident was a report on the video, not a report on the actual fire or quotes from the fire department.

There is no doubt that two e-bike burnt up. How they caught fire is not as clear.

Still, I post this because I love the name of the pub the guy mentions twice, The Whistling Duck. I also feel the need to counter recent stories that claim e-bike fires are over-reported. These two crispy bikes are e-bikes. Not scooters or motorcycles.

I love Canadians: Our neighbors to the North are so chill! The guy has two e-bikes explode in this truck and he is cool as a cucumber. An American would be flanked by attorneys and yelling at the camera. (Click here if video does not appear).


1. Never leave a battery charging unattended. Day or night.

2. Don’t overcharge batteries by leaving them on the charger.

3. Don’t charge batteries near combustible or explosive materials.

4. Don’t charge a battery in a confined space like a motorhome, RV, boat, automobile, van or shed.

5. Never charge a battery that has been dropped, damaged or dinged.

6. Never charge a battery in a hallway entry/exit.

7. Never modify a battery.

8. Use only batteries recommended and approved by your bike’s manufacturer. Same with the battery charger.

9. Charge batteries on wire shelving with rollers. This allows an overheating or flaming battery to be quickly rolled away from structures.

10. If your e-bike makes a weird noise, feels hot, emits smoke or seems to be straining, stop riding. Do not load it in a car or put in the garage. Call the shop where you purchased it or contact the manufacturer. Any of these warning signs could mean a fire is eminent.

11. Look for the UL 2849 certified sticker on your next e-bike purchase.