Running-When-Parked Minibike A Fun Project If Ya Got The Parts

Running-When-Parked Minibike A Fun Project If Ya Got The Parts

First off, describing this Running When Parked as a “Honda dirt bike” is a stretch. This guy should write ads for time share companies. He is creative, a little misleading, yet technically telling the truth.

It is a minibike with a Honda engine, but it is not even a Honda motorcycle engine. It is what most folks would dub a lawn mower engine. The minibike itself is awesome. Too bad it has been neglected for so long. 

Minibike guys may take one look at this and see a treasure. I see a project that could result in a fun, blast-around-the-neighborhood minibike. It is in Nor Cal and you can get it if it hasn’t sold.

High wire: The safety wire wrapped around the shock is a troubling clue to something that’s broke. Honda engines are rock solid and whatever is inside the carb is probably rock solid too.
It’s all there: Rust is starting its cruel mutation of this poor mini’s components. It is not too late! This bike should cruise again and it will with a little elbow grease.

The phraseRunning When Parked (RWP) is code for a once treasured possession that has been neglected in the corner of the garage or tool shed for far too long. Lacking the energy, time or resources to bring the little beauty back to life, the owner lists it for sale in hopes that a new owner will massage it back to health. Our collection of RWP bikes fall into two distinct categories; treasure or trash. And you are the only one who can properly judge which category the bike belongs in.