December 5, 2016 – Dan Rouit, who passed away on November 16, 2016 at the age of 57, was the founder, owner and curator of the Dan Rouit Flat Track Museum in Clovis, California.  Dan, who was confined to a wheelchair after being paralyzed in a freak climbing accident, had been a flat track racer in his youth and believed the sport deserved a dedicated museum filled with flat trackers, memorabilia, posters, programs, trophies, plaques, leathers, helmets and pictures.  Together with his wife Kathy, they made their dream come true.

The museum held a memorial for Dan on December 4th and the turnout was a testament to how important Dan’s museum has become to so many flat track fans.  While Dan is gone, his dream continues.  Kathy announced at the memorial that the museum would continue to operate in honor of Dan’s original vision and passion.  Dan will no longer greet visitors with his trademark smile (and great sense of humor), but his spirit is inescapable when you pass through the front doors.

The museum is free (donations accepted) and hours are available by calling (559) 291-2242 between 11am and 7pm or by emailing to [email protected]

The late Gary Nixon‘s Triumph is my favorite of the collection. Check out the Ford pick-up air filter. The pipes are pretty cool too.
Jim Rice’s short-track-national winning BSA 250.
It is easy to blow a few hours in the museum. One visit is not enough.
This Honda tracker uses the engine as part of its chassis. There are no down tubes. It uses a spine frame with the engine as stressed member (like the old Vincent Black Shadow motorcycles).
A hardtail, drum-braked, Maico tracker that would be the perfect rat bike for the desert or abandoned quarry. The Maisch brothers made this bike for motor-ball and then brought it into the U.S., first as a flat tracker, then a play bike in 1963 and 1964 . The bike in the pic is mostly original besides the seat, air cleaner and rear fender. It would have originally had a front fender too. Thanks to Doug Lent (who owns two of these) for the background.
Triumph? Not so fast. Look close. That is a Honda in Triumph clothing. I’d buy this bike just because of the pipes (they are very similar to the Gary Nixon #9 bike). Excellent build.
A few of Dan’s friends turned out for his memorial. There were tears, cheers and lots of sweet memories shared.