Black Friday Is Now Bicycle Friday As Deals Abound

Black Friday Is Now Bicycle Friday As Deals Abound

Long story short, bike shops are making great deals on new bicycles and e-bikes starting on Black Friday and should continue these great deals through the end of the year (depending on how well sales go). If you were on the fence about buying an e-bike or bicycle, this is a great time to get off the fence and save. 

It has been a weird three years for bicycle shops. Two years ago when the COVID lockdowns were implemented, people headed for the hills. That is, they got on their bikes (or purchased new bikes) and went outdoors (along with just about every other outdoor enthusiasts). Getting fit and staying distanced was a lot more fun than staying inside a home.-
Bike shops sold out of bikes during the lockdowns. They ordered more and as soon as the new bikes showed up, those sold out too. Then something happened. People got vaccinated, got tired of wearing masks and went back to life as normal (or almost normal). They also stopped buying bikes. 

Bicycle shops got caught with reduced retail demand and fulfilled bicycle shipments from their suppliers at the same time. This means most bike shops have way too many new bikes in their showrooms.

Cheap thrills: I am not a fan of purchasing an e-bike or bicycle from any business other than bicycle shop. Buying from a “big-box store” (like Kohl’s) won’t get you bike-fitting help or service after the sale. Still, $600 for an e-bike is a deal a lot of people will jump at.

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