A $250 Motorcycle That Looks Like A Million Bucks

A $250 Motorcycle That Looks Like A Million Bucks

I do not know how they do it? The XtremepowerUS pocket racer is a 40cc, four-stroke-powered minicycle with mechanical disc brakes that is selling today (Cyber Monday) for $250! That is around the same price as a kid’s bicycle. The product information says, “This gas pocket bike is ideal for providing driveway and parking lot commuting entertainment for kids and teenagers 13 years and older.” Not sure what “commuting entertainment” is supposed to mean but “terrorizing-the-neighborhood entertainment” might be a better description of what a 13-year-old rider is going to end up doing on this bike.

The copy goes on to explain that the bike “features front and rear disc brakes for safe driving.” Just for the record, brakes do not make you safe. Proper rider education, gloves, helmet, and eye wear reduce your chances of injury but even these measures can’t make you “safe.” Being safe is the rider’s responsibility.

While I think this is a cool present for the right rider, it is imperative that the rider understands he will have a seriously powerful motorcycle between his knees. Have fun but please be careful.


The bike’s top speed was not listed in the product specs. I believe that is something the company doesn’t want to brag about.