Super73 Goes Full Moto With Their C1X

The CX1 from Super73 sends a clear message about the young company. That message says “We are not an e-bike company. We are an electric-powered, personal-transportation company.” Super73 has tossed the pedals in favor of footpegs but that is just the beginning.

The design shown on their website has the motor nested in the bike’s swingarm. While the company is tight-lipped on specifications, it appears that moving the engine to the swingarm frees up space for a massive battery. I don’t see a license plate holder (and assume this will need to be licensed and insured like any highway-bound motorcycle) or rear-view mirrors (something often missing from studio shots).

Alas, as good as it looks, the C1X is not available yet. The company is accepting $73 deposits (get it) for an as-yet-to-be-announced-delivery date. The company can’t or won’t tell you a price either. And the company sort of says they will return your deposit if you cancel before the bike comes to life but the wording gives Super73 a lot of wiggle room. You (or an attorney) need to read the “Terms and Conditions” carefully before sending money. Man, remember the good-old days when you could just go buy something? Now, you have to gamble on the products you want.

The prototype, concept or pipe dream C1X looks cool and should give the Honda Grom a run for the money. With gas prices near $7 a gallon, this little motorcycle should appeal to people who live where its operation is practical. I can’t wait to see the production version.

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