Serial 1 Custom E-bike Auction Benefits Just Keep Living Foundation

I thought the first Serial 1 custom e-bike auction was lame because the winning bid made the company a windfall profit while the winning bidder got an over-priced custom e-bike. The next Serial 1 auction is a better promotion for the company because the proceeds are going to a good cause, the Just Keep Living Foundation.

Just like the first bike auctioned off, the company explains that this bike is “intended to be a collectible for display purposes only and not intended for use.” I guess they are covering their butt because the bike’s video (a kind of homage to ET) shows a rider jumping down stairs, sliding on natural surface trails and pounding the pedals like the engine is out of juice. Maybe Serial 1 thinks this riding abuse makes the bike unsafe for future operation. It seems a shame that the winning bidder can’t ride the bike (I’d ride it if I won it).

Want a cool e-bike to hang in your garage while raising some dough for a good cause? You can place your bid here.

Better than the stocker: I am not a big fan of the Serial 1 E-bike styling but the two custom bikes built for these auction are stunning. The suits at Serial 1 have got to be wondering if some (or all) of these design cues shouldn’t make it into production.

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