Serial 1 Custom E-Bike Raises $6300 For Just Keep Living Foundation

Serial 1 Custom E-Bike Raises $6300 For Just Keep Living Foundation

The second Serial 1 custom e-bike auction is over and all the money raised from the winning bid of $6300 goes to the Just Keep Living Foundation. The second auction was a public relations win over the company’s first auction because this winning bid is more in the ballpark of the bike’s value and the money raised goes to a good cause.

The first auction, for a Stingray-ish styled Serial 1 e-bike, raked in the astronomical price of $14,200 (and Serial 1 pocketed that windfall). The second custom e-bike auction sold for $2500 over the production model’s suggested retail (still a hefty premium for a custom paint job and plastic basket), but at least the money went to a good cause. Well done, Serial 1. Can’t wait to see the next creation.

Marketing research: If people are willing to pay $14,000 and $6,000 for Serial 1 e-bikes that were cosmetically altered, shouldn’t the company seriously consider incorporating these styling tweaks into their production models? I’d bet this Schwinn rip-off would sell well.

Plain wrapper: Both of the auction bikes started out as Serial 1’s Mosh/Cty model. It is not hard to see why the custom treatment is so well received. E-bikes are selling like hotcakes right now and just keeping up with demand is a challenge. When things slow up, try throwing a little style on this black-on-black urban e-bike.