Luca and Alberto Would Love This RWP’ed Vespa

Have you seen the movie Luca? You should if only to marvel at the mind-bending animation. The two main characters, Luca and Alberto, plot a way to afford the motorcycle of their dreams, a Vespa scooter. Well, this RWP’ed is way better than the Vespa the boys tried to build on their own from scratch. Is it worth the $500? I have no idea.

The price is attractive for the mechanic who knows how to massage a Vespa. Sure, it has a sizable ding up front and a missing Vespa logo. Both problems easy to fix. If the engine is all there and kicks through, it could be sweet pickings. I also spy a spare tire tucked into the left body panel and I think that is so cool.

My only concern is the lack of registration and those giant license plates. Did this owner import the bike directly from Italy? Will a DMV license the bike? Interesting questions to answer before plunking down your dough.

Prototype Vespa: Luca and Alberto’s first builds don’t hold up to real world testing.

Vespa sales just increased: It is hard to watch this animated feature and not want to add a Vespa scooter to your stable. The modern Vespas don’t look as cool as the movie version so restoring a classic could be more satisfying. Vespa needs to work on their website. The copy in English misses the mark. Don’t they have a U.S. office?


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