Bicyclist Sustains Serious Injuries From Landing On Alligator – UPDATED

I hate falling off my mountain bike, road bike or motorcycles. After reading of the rider who fell on top of a female alligator, I have even more reasons to stay “on two wheels.” You can read the gruesome account of the crash and attack from the TCPalm website. Here’s wishing for a full recovery to the rider.

Slippery when wet: Wooden bridges used on many mountain bike trails can have slick surfaces due to weather and foliage conditions. It is a great idea to use extra caution and stay as vertical as possible when navigating a bridge like this on any trail.

Speedy recovery: Bob Bassett, 74, of Palm City, Florida, is the avid mountain biker who fell next to (or on top of) an alligator in Halpatiokee Regional Park. The hospital reports that Bob received two-dozen stitches and 100 staples to close wounds from the alligator attack. His doctor is impressed with Bob’s positive attitude after such a horrific event. Just proves mountain bikers are tough people. Get well soon, Bob.

Speed bump: Although the little lady has been captured, Halpatiokee Regional Park officials have temporarily closed the trail where Bob was bitten.

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