1979 Fantic Chopper Is Italy’s Take On Easy Rider

Never saw one of these on the road back in the 70’s and I know I would have remembered seeing it. This is a spectacular motorcycle that was produced by Italian motorcycle company Fantic to capitalize on the 70’s chopper craze in America (and probably Italy where they must have sold thousands of these ape-hanging, sissy-barred beauties). The asking price of $7500 is about what a Triumph Bonneville from the same era would go on the block for. That’s a bit steep and might explain why this bike has shown up on eBay a number of times without finding a buyer. Still, what a fun-looking bike that you can’t help but smile when you look at.

The number plate side panel is a nice touch with the stars-n-stripes theme
Would love to get my lady on the back and head off to the Rock Store this weekend.
Suzuki offered the QR-50 mini-chopper when I worked there in the late 70’s. I don’t believe it was sold as street-legal and it was not a big seller so it must be very collectable today.

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