Fall Turns To Winter For This RWP’ed

Fall Turns To Winter For This RWP’ed

Where do I start with this amazing ad? First, the seller only posted two photos so we can only guess he didn’t include the Yamaha Midnight Special because why? It is a little rougher than the Honda and flame-tanked Suzuki? If that is the case, I’d really love to see the Yamaha.

Based on the fallen leaves framing the two pictured bikes, I’ve got to figure snow has fallen on these little gems by now. A white dusting might actually improve the bikes’ appearances. The $1000 asking price for all three might make sense if you are looking for particular engine components but the lack of the any air filters on the Suzuki and a damaged accessory filter on the Honda would have me worried that the engine internals are beyond acceptable tolerances.

Neither model bike is super desirable to collectors and making them street worthy would cost a small fortune unless your idea of fun is a rat bike. The best use for these bikes is a lawn art project to get even with the neighbor who has that 3 A.M. crowing rooster. But come to think about it, that neighbor might actually enjoy your stacked-bike creation. A better solution is to skip this offer and wait for another RWP’ed to come alone. And believe me, there will be plenty.

The phrase “running when parked” (RWP) is code for a once treasured possession that has been neglected in the corner of the garage or tool shed for far too long. Lacking the energy, time or resources to bring the little beauty back to life, the owner lists it for sale in hopes that a new owner will massage it back to health. Our collection of RWP bikes fall into two distinct categories; treasure or trash. And you are the only one who can properly judge which category the bike belongs in.