Yamaha MX 400 Destined To Be Parted Out

Yamaha MX 400 Destined To Be Parted Out

The 1976 Yamaha MX 400 was an awesome dirt bike with its monoshock rear suspension and an engine that put out plenty of power. But this one looks rough. It is missing the magneto cover revealing electrics that have been exposed to moisture and dirt. The air box/filter is missing. That’s never a great sign. And there are dangling wires all over the bike. The tank looks pretty cool.

Anything with two wheels on Craigslist starts with an asking price over a grand, even Running-When-Parked bikes. Are the sellers getting that? Who knows? Someone into Yamaha MX 400s might offer this seller a few hundred to haul it away for them. $1,100? I don’t see it.

Click here to see if it is still available.

Air flow: The bike doesn’t have a pesky and restrictive air filter or air-filter box. Wonder how long those have been missing and how much it was ridden without them? I came across a sweet RWP Yamaha MX 400 a few years ago. This one doesn’t come close.

The phrase “Running When Parked” (RWP) is code for a once treasured possession that has been neglected in the corner of the garage or tool shed for far too long. Lacking the energy, time or resources to bring the little beauty back to life, the owner lists it for sale in hopes that a new owner will massage it back to health. Our collection of RWP bikes fall into two distinct categories; treasure or trash. And you are the only one who can properly judge which category the bike belongs in.