Triumph Tracker Offered As A RWP (Racing When Parked)

Triumph Tracker Offered As A RWP (Racing When Parked)

Okay, so this isn’t an actual “Running When Parked” but it is so close, I don’t feel guilty posting it. The seller lists it as “Race Ready When Parked” (RRWP?) and I think that qualifies.

It is a cool-looking bike for sure. I notice it is a single carb and I believe the fire-breathing Triumph flat trackers were mostly dual-carbed bikes. The front brake is unusual for a flat track bike. Maybe the bike was used more for TT racing and there could be a spare wheel laced up without a brake.

I believe the Redline frame makes this desirable to a collector or anybody who races vintage events. $8000? I’d expect it to fire up on the third kick for that kind of money. Remember, the 8 grand is the asking price so show up with cash in hand and “let’s make a deal.”

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