The Amazing Bob Sutton Shocks His Docs

The Amazing Bob Sutton Shocks His Docs

I was introduced to Bob Sutton by the late Steve Tilford. That should tell you something right there. We became fast friends. Bob even spent some time working for the same publishing company I used to work for and Dirt Bike published a few of Bob’s adventure stories.

Bob was recently diagnosed with a very serious medical condition that required a surgery. When Bob showed up for the procedure, his doctors were shocked at a good amount of bruising on Bob’s body. Bob explains in an email received this morning;

“The surgeon and his nurses were a little put-off by a big bruise they found on my left chest and ribs (yes, the same chest and ribs that were to be operated on!). That must have happened this weekend when I crashed a couple of times. I told them I didn’t even know about it! They asked if I was sore, and I laughed and explained that after a dirt-bike ride, everything is sore!

Honestly, they were surprised I went riding over the last two weekends before the surgery. Huh? Surprised? Its just what I love to do. I didn’t know if I’ll ever get another chance, so hell yeah! Out I went! Fun too!”

Bob is a true inspiration and reminds us all to make everyday count. I don’t know how the surgery went and it goes without saying that your prayers and good wishes are welcomed by Bob and his wife, Joann.

Bob, Joann and and me (in the dark glasses because I was crying) at Steve Tilford’s memorial. Steve did a lot of great things for me and the introduction to Bob is just one of them.
Bob (center) was attending the Crested Butte Fat Tire Festival before most people knew what a mountain bike was. Bob was there from the beginning.
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