Running When Parked BSA And BMW Two Pack

Running When Parked BSA And BMW Two Pack

They are listed separately but my keen eyes picked up on the fact that the mud color on each bike is identical and the steel building they are leaning against is the same shade of sun-beaten brown. Sure enough, it is one seller listing both of these Running When Parked vintage bikes.

What do I think? Tough call. I dig the BSA and the bike does look complete. The mud suggests the bike was stored outside under a tarp and it has been under said tarp for more than a “few” years. The BMW looks desirable also and probably was under the same tarp as the BSA.

Blast the mud off these two and they would be a lot more presentable. If the engines turn and have spark (bring a battery), I think either (or both) could be fun projects.

If they are still available, click here for the BSA or here for the BMW.

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