UPDATE: E-Bikes Not Only Electric Vehicle To Poise Fire Hazards – The Finger Pointing Begins

UPDATE: E-Bikes Not Only Electric Vehicle To Poise Fire Hazards – The Finger Pointing Begins

November 3, 2018: Gizmodo is reporting that Segway, the supplier of the Lime Bikes scooters that have caught fire or overheated, fired off a response today that, while not mentioning Lime Bikes directly, points the finger at the scooter rider as the real source of the overheating problem. The response says:

“We have observed that operational hazards do rise from extreme abuse and vandalism of the vehicles in the scooter-sharing market. Considering the fact that the management and maintenance of shared scooters and the identification of damaged vehicles highly rely on the operators, we strongly recommend that operators strengthen their capability of fleet operation and maintenance to avoid potential safety problems caused by the improper use of damaged vehicles.”

Segway is saying that Lime Bikes has cut corners and is not properly addressing scooter maintenance. Witnessing the scooters being discarded indiscriminately around any city where they are deployed, I have to think that Segway may have a valid point. I just hope the finger pointing stops and the problem is cured before a serious fire takes a life or destroys property.

October 31, 2018: CNN Business is reporting today that Lime Bikes has pulled identified problematic electric scooters from its fleet after experiencing a number of battery fires. The report says the scooters were manufactured by Segway Ninebot and the scooters have been removed from the San Diego, Los Angeles and Tahoe markets. Lime feels the defect has been addressed with software upgrades.

With Santa Ana winds pounding Southern California today, the news of burning scooters could not have come at a worse time for Lime Bikes.


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