Your Support On Friday Helps The Vicious Cycles Thanks To Bandcamp

I’ve wanted to write a review of the Vicious Cycles’ 2019 album, “Motorcycho” for a long time. But there’s been a problem.

A friend wrote album reviews for Trans-World Skateboarding and I could always tell when she had met the band. The reviews of artists she knew personally were more positive, and I guess, less objective. That’s the problem I had writing up any Vicious Cycles release. Did I like music because I liked the band members or because I liked the music? I don’t believe anyone can write an objective album review if they are friends with the band (and expect to remain friends).

Luckily, I found two reviews of “Motorcycho” and neither was penned by someone who has ever met or spoken to the band. The reviews are based solely on the music coming out of the speakers. You can read the IPA review and then read the New Noise review. Both reviewers (and strangers to the band) love the release as much as I do.

Go ahead and listen on a streaming service but if you really want to help the band, buy ‘Motorcycho” (or any of their releases) on May 1st from Bandcamp. Why? Bandcamp gives 100% of the revenue from sales on the first Friday of each month to the band. At a time when bands can’t generate any income from live shows, this can really help them out (plus you can add some kick-butt music to your collection).

If you miss this Friday (May 1st), Bandcamp will do the promotion again on Friday June 5th and Friday July 3rd.

The Vicious Cycles have toured Canada, the United States and Cuba! They rocked the warehouse at the 2019 One Moto Show in Portland, Oregon.
The Vicious Cycles offer the perfect soundtrack for working on your bikes, cleaning your house and entertaining (or annoying) the neighbors. But don’t take my word for it.

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