Travis Pastrana’s Nitro Circus Motobike Prefect For Pint-Sized Daredevils

Travis Pastrana and the gang at Nitro Circus have come up with what may be this Christmas’ most-sought-after gift. The 16-inch wheeled Hyper Nitro Circus Motobike features motocross-style fenders with authentic Nitro Circus graphics and a motocross saddle that adds wild style to this cool bike. The single-speed bike comes with training wheels and the gang claims it is easy to assemble.

The Hyper Nitro Circus Motobike will only be sold through Walmart stores and goes for $79.

It is hard to imagine any kid not going ballistic finding the Hyper Nitro Circus Motobike under the tree on Christmas morning. This gift sure beats a Nvidia Shield, PlayStation Vita or Nintendo 3DS. The Hyper Nitro Circus Motobike will get kids off the couch and into a lifetime of healthy, outdoor activity. Thanks, Travis!

This is a beginner’s bike and at its $79 price, don’t expect to hand it down to your next newborn. That doesn’t mean your son or daughter won’t get plenty of use out of the Motobike.
Older kids (in their 50s and 60s) will remember Yamaha’s Moto-Bike. Was it a great BMX bike? Not by a long shot. That didn’t stop Yamaha from selling containers of them.

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