Specialized Bikes Warns Of Possible E-Bike Fire Hazard

If you own a 1st generation Specialized Levo (either the FRS or HT model) or Kenevo FSR, you’ll want to move it out of your garage, home or storage shed and away from any flammable material (including a forest). Then,  hit this link that explains what needs to be done to your bike to prevent what Specialized calls a “thermal runaway event” (I call it a fire).

I have tracked numerous e-bike fires and recalls. Up until now, these recalls and fires were traced to home-built, DIY project e-bikes, e-bike conversion kits and bargain-priced e-bikes. This is the first time I’ve seen a respected, major bicycle manufacturer launch an e-bike recall due to potential fire hazard.

Kudos to Specialized for standing behind their products with this voluntary recall. 

Medium rare: The e-bike industry insists fires are “a rare occurrence.” That may be true. I still feel the industry needs to be more transparent with customers of potential e-bike fire risks and land management agencies need to take this issue into consideration before allowing e-bike access on trails through high-fire-danger terrain.

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