Reevo Hubless E-Bike Looks Otherworldly

The Reevo Hubless e-bike, that can be reserved on Indigogo (the bike is claimed to be near production but not shipping yet) is a bike that will turn heads wherever it is ridden. It is reminiscent of a Storck carbon fiber mountain bike I rode a decade ago until you check out the wheels. Where are the hubs and spokes? Reevo doesn’t use them. Wild! 

I don’t get the Indigogo website? The top line says Reevo has raised $3.5 million from 1,700 backers. Then the “perks” (the different packages you can order) only show 69 of 120 being spoken for. I don’t get it, but I’ve never backed any project pitched on Indigogo so my lack of experience is probably to blame.

Don’t buy one. At least, not yet. This bike features a substantial departure from bicycle wheel design. I can’t think of one instance when the second generation of a bike using brand-new, untested-in-the-real-world components and technology wasn’t way better than the first generation. That is, if there was a second generation. Not all wild concepts make it that far.

Early adopters will go for it no matter what I tell them. To be the first on the block is what is important to them. To a regular rider, I’d hold off until the Reevo has some miles under its wild wheels or take your $2,500 and buy a conventional e-bike that is available today from an established e-bike or bicycle manufacturer. 

Uphill battle: Adopting a new technology (like those hub-less, spoke-less wheels) is a gamble. Holding off for version 2 should assure that the bugs will be worked out. It is an amazing-looking bike.
Similar profile: The Storck mountain bike from a decade ago looks like inspiration for Reevo. I remember the Storck being on the flexy side of lateral stiffness. Reevo may have solved this issue in their frame construction. Early adopters better hope so. 

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