Mountain Biker Appears On Commemorative Stamp

I’ve always been a sucker for the USPS’s commemorative stamps. I usually buy two sheets. One to use as postage (I still like sending letters and cards instead of emails) and the other to stuff in the bottom of a desk draw with the intention of saving it for posterity (or maybe making a million bucks on it at auction). I’ve got cartoon characters, hot rods, motorcycles, dinosaurs, rock stars, monsters and historical figures (many of whom have been cancelled in today’s culture). I have to wonder if that will make them more or less valuable at auction?

I picked up a new commemorative sheet today titled “Enjoy The Great Outdoors.” I was stoked to see a mountain biker included in the five outdoor scenes depicted on the stamps. I’m a little less stoked that the rider (clearly on a mountain bike) is riding on the road, not a trail. Maybe mountain bikes are not permitted off-road where the artist staged the scene? Still, it is cool to see a mountain biker on the sheet.

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