Motorcyclist Magazine Calls It Quits

The July/August issue of Motorcyclist arrived today with a disappointing editorial. It would be the last print issue. Motorcyclist has survived 108 years but most of those years were before the internet. Motorcyclist was well worth the annual subscription price. Unfortunately, that price wasn’t enough to keep the magazine in the black. Maybe I shouldn’t have told you how to save money on your subscription.

Not sure why Bonnier inserted two subscription cards into the last issue. Subscribers to Motorcyclist will automatically get Cycle World (another Bonnier publication).

The message displayed when you hit the “subscribe” button on their website says, “We are sorry to inform you that Motorcyclist Magazine is discontinuing publication. All current subscribers will have their remaining service transferred to Cycle World Magazine.”

It is too bad that the magazine’s owner, Bonnier Corporation, couldn’t sell the title and assets (imagine 108 years of photo files!) to someone who would operate the magazine with a leaner and meaner staff. The publishing company I worked for, Hi-Torque Publishing, knows how to get that done. Don Emde Publications is another possibility. Racer X could stretch out with a road title. And while I don’t know the Mother Earth News owners, Ogden Publishing, they put out the fine Motorcycle Classics. Any of these alternatives seem better than putting all the Motorcyclist assets into their website.

Sorry to see you go, Motorcyclist.

There is a chance that a treasure trove of old photos dating back over 100 years doesn’t exist. The magazine has changed ownership over the years and it is unlikely that all the photos went along with each sale. Still, we can dream of uncovering that treasure one day.

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