Montgomery Wards Riverside 175cc Running When Parked

Here is a cool ’69 find just waiting for you to pick it up in St. Paul, Minnesota. Lightweight-motorcycles were all the rage (like e-bikes are today) in the late 1960s. Even mail-order/department store giant Montgomery Wards got into the game. Branded the “Riverside” and made in Italy by Benelli, this 175cc two-stroke motorcycle still looks cool today.

While the real Montgomery Wards is gone, Benelli is still in business (that should be a hint for people thinking about buying an e-bike from a non-cycling company). Good luck finding parts for this bike, but the red and white speedster looks complete and shouldn’t need too much to get it running. 

If you like freaking out the other riders at your local bike night, this would be a great way to do it.

Buddy seat: Tell your favorite squeeze to hang on tight while you head down to the A&W drive-in on this super cool motorcycle. Close inspection reveals a bike free of rust and abuse. I think this is a great barn find.

Parts blow-up: Good luck finding any of these parts even if you take a vacation to Italy. But wait! There is a group called the Wards Riverside Riders and I’ll bet they can help you get this bike running.



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