Manco Minibike Hits The Road

A buddy (thanks, Byron) found me an old Manco mini with a seized engine and some missing pieces but it had potential. A Harbor Freight 6.5 HP, 212 cc Predator engine fit in the frame nicely (once the fuel tank was removed) and a call to AZ USA Parts (thanks, Horton) got me all the little pieces needed (clutch, throttle and chain) plus they were really helpful people.

The Manco is fast! Man, I gotta go on a diet. This mini makes me look like a real butterball.

I still need to find a gas cap that fits (my gas cap is cracked), but this thing is a torquey beast that pulls like a mad bull charging a red cape. I keep grabbing for the front brake but there is none and calling the rear brake a “brake” is a stretch. It is more like a speed slower downer than a brake. Going to have to get used to handling (it feels like a chopper), but this Manco is a lot of fun.

If you make it to my age, anything that makes you feel younger is a good thing. The Manco brings me back to a another time. That beautiful helmet is a LS2 Bobber that came with the visor and goggles for $50!

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