When someone asks if the Lopifit (pronounced low-pie-fit) is an electric bike or a treadmill, the short answer is yes. Aside from the potential of generating an enormous amount of fail-video clips combining the best of bicycle and treadmill catastrophes into a single, pre-ER-visit Vine, the 125-pound Lopifit is one very strange way to navigate your community.

Lopifit is “convinced that we will transform the way humanity transport themselves” with their vehicle that appears to have slightly fewer moving components than a helicopter. All it takes is $2495 and enough space for a 77-inch wheelbased bike to pull a u-turn.

Since this is not a bike or a treadmill, but a combination of the two, there is a learning curve to riding it, taking it out of contention for rental fleets (something that generates plenty of E-bike sales). A commuter? If there is a place to park (both at home and at work). An around-town-errand runner? Again, if you can find a place to park it and remember not to set the grocery bag on the treadmill. A fun way to stay healthy? For some people, we guess, but check with your doctor.

Replacing the silly treadmill (and all its associated componentry and expense) with a floorboard and adding a thumb-push throttle may be the only way to save the Lopifit (a name change may not be a bad idea either because we keep reading the name as “low profit”). It is either that or hope all the people who complain (rightfully) about the discomfort of a bicycle saddle see the Lopifit as just what they’ve been looking for.
You can actually order one by clicking here.

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