Jody Weisel Presented 2018 Edison Dye Motocross Lifetime Achievement Award

Jody Weisel was presented with the “Edison Dye Motocross Lifetime Achievement Award” at Glen Helen Raceway during the World Vet Motocross Championships Sunday on November 4th. Jody was the 22nd recipient of the honor and joins the ranks of such motocross luminaries as Roger DeCoster, Ricky Johnson, Gary Jones, Bruce Brown, Jeff Ward, Joel Robert, Bob Hannah, Brad Lackey, Broc Glover, Torsten Hallman, Tony Distefano, David Bailey and Marty Smith.

Jody is currently editor of Motocross Action Magazine, where he has established himself (and thrives) as the longest-serving editor of any motorcycle magazine in the world. Jody has dedicated his life to motocross racing and the advancement of the sport. Prior to his Motocross Action stint he was editor of Cycle News and a Factory Racer for Hodaka Motorcycles. You can read just a few of Jody’s accomplishments by clicking here.

The highlight of the presentation was when 77-year-old racer, Lars Larsson, pleaded with Jody to stop racing. He explained, “I would never hear the end of it if I were to stop racing before Jody. So Jody, please stop racing so I can stop!”

Sorry Lars, it ain’t gonna happen. Congratulations to Jody for this well-deserved and long-overdue recognition.

Jody (far right) was joined on the autograph line by Gary Jones, Broc Glover, Chuck Sun, Donnie Hansen, Scott Harden and Lars Larsson.
Jody (38) and Lars Larsson (99) back at it on the track.
Jody Weisel…Long May You Ride.

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