Easy Hack To Reduce Potential COVID-19 Exposure Until You Get Vaccinated

Need to visit a shop to get a part or service for your motorcycle, bicycle or electric-motorized bicycle? There is a simple hack that can reduce your exposure to others during the visit.

Go to Google Maps and in the search bar, type in the shop’s name. Below the address, hours of operation and contact info, there may be a bar chart that shows the most-busy and least-busy hours of operation. The current day is shown, but you can see the history of floor traffic for every day of the week by clicking the “<” or “>” arrow. Choose the day and hour that historically has the lowest foot traffic to limit your exposure to others.

Unfortunately, this chart doesn’t show up for every retailer. The shop may require a certain level of activity before Google has enough data to generate an accurate chart. If the shop doesn’t have a bar chart, look for a similar (but larger) retailer and use that chart. It should be close.

Unpopular days: In this example of a motorcycle shop in Ventura, California, Thursdays in the middle of the day are way better for a store visit than late afternoon on Saturday.
Sneak in: Chaparral Motorsports large retail location attracts customers from all over California. Luckily, you can order online but if you have to visit in the flesh, use our hack. Fridays just before closing is a good time to limit exposure.

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