CONTENTIOUS UPDATE: Motorcyclists Are Not Giving Up On Their Waving

When I pleaded with fellow motorcycle riders to give up on the waving thing, I didn’t realized I was kicking a hornet’s nest. It became apparent how passionately riders look forward to the friendly exchange. One rider felt threatened that I was trying to take away his freedom of choice.

I didn’t get one rider who agreed to give the waving thing a break. So next time you are riding and the other rider doesn’t wave back, that’s me.


Ramblin’ Bob
Well, it obviously bothers you to not wave back, so you need to work on that to start with. Wave – Don’t Wave, it’s up to you. I think you need to ask yourself why it bothers you so much to have others wave at you. Wave, don’t wave, doesn’t matter. 98% chance you’ll never see that rider again

The way I look at it, if I’m walking down the street and a total stranger says hi to me, I say hi back. If they smile at me, I smile back. Same if I’m riding. I don’t care what bike it is, I’ll wave back. Doesn’t cost a penny and makes someone feel good, unless they feel like you do.

My new wave I started this last year. I wave with both hands at the same time, so if you’re riding around here in Oregon and someone waves with both hands, that’s ME.

So YOU’RE THE JERK WHO DIDN’T WAVE BACK. That really pissed me off. I went home and beat my wife. You owe her an apology. Send the card to Clark County Hospital.

A wave is just being friendly.Whats wrong with that? Why make a big deal about it unless you have no life and nothing better to do?

So, um, sorry bro. That was me. I was watching the chick in the number 1 lane texting on her phone to make sure she didn’t drift and didn’t see you until the last second. I was going to throw you the two on the ground sign but was kinda distracted. And, there was that time when we were passing on the 8-lane freeway. I was in the 2 lane and you were in the opposing 3 lane. Just didn’t see you in time.

Backroad Bob
It’s not really a wave but it’s become that. Have you noticed that the old school sorts point two fingers down? It’s a sort of salute and a wish for you to keep two wheels on the road. And you would ignore that?

Really old schools are still showing the power fist. Who remembers that from about 1970?

Back in the 70’s, VW enthusiasts “waved” at each other by “winking” one headlight on for a few seconds. I sold and installed Wink kits back then in my little VW garage. Pressing a small button would turn on one headlight and turn the other one off if the headlights were on while the button was pushed down. Back then nearly everyone in a VW “waved” at each other like we biker’s wave at each other today.

You want freedom, but don’t allow it? You want to be free not to wave back but you don’t want them to be free to throw a hissy fit?

As far as waving? It doesn’t hurt. It makes people feel better. Wave to them. Hell, when I’m cruising in my Polara, I wave at other old cars. Just don’t get me started on those Corvette guys. geesh.

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