Buyer Beware: You Can’t Get This Electric Motorcycle For $99

Please don’t fall for this scam. The ad is posted to my Facebook feed and it shows what appears to be a $3900 Luna Sur Ron X Bike for $99. How can they do it? They can’t.

Hitting the ad’s link took me to a Tigerfitness order form for a “2019 Hot Trend Super Fast Bike.” That Chinglish should be warning enough but there are more clues. Inspecting the bike’s photo reveals a Luna watermark near the front wheel. This scammer simply lifted the bike’s image off the Luna website.

The real clue is the $99 price. You couldn’t buy the tires on this bike for $99. I expect that if you give them your credit card number, you will never see this bike and chances are you will see very strange charges on your credit card in the future. I don’t know how Facebook can accept advertising like this. Buyers beware.

You cannot buy a vehicle like this for $99. My Facebook feed is loaded with these offers.
This is another ad that is too good to be true. A carport of $109? Facebook needs to review the ads that they accept before posting them to unsuspecting consumers.

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