Brompton Folding E-Bikes Recalled Due To Fall Hazard

The Consumer Product Safety Commission along with Brompton Bicycles has issued a recall on the company’s foldable e-bike because the front fender flap can get sucked into the wheel, causing the rider to lose control. This recall involves Brompton foldable e-bikes with 16-inch wheels, sold in black, white, bolt lacquer, Turkish green, and white/gold colors. “Brompton” is printed on the center tube of the bike’s frame.  Recalled models include the Brompton Electric M2L, H2L, M6L, and H6L which are printed on the bicycles name plate, which is affixed to the bottom of the seat-post facing rearwards.

If you ride one, stop using it. The defect needs to be repaired by a Brompton retailer (and the repair is free of charge). You can get more info from Brompton by clicking here.

The bike company has received 10 reports of faulty mudguards causing the bikes to crash, resulting in nine reports of injuries, including head and facial impact, broken bones, shoulder dislocation, bruising, and chipped teeth and two reports of hospitalizations.

Kudos to Brompton for standing behind their product and putting the safety of their customers first. I’ve always wondered how many similar situations get swept under the rug by less reputable (or crowd-funded) bicycle companies?

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