Segway-Ninebot Shared E-Bikes Are UL 2849 Certified

I recently posted about the advantages of demanding to see the Underwriters Laboratory label before purchasing your next e-bike. There is encouraging news that Segway Commercial has opted to design and manufacture their Segway-Ninebot shared e-bike to meet UL 2849 certification.  That’s good news for riders and communities who depend on reliable shared e-bikes that meet established electrical and fire safety standards. Kudos to Segway.

Rokform Mount And Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max A Bad Combo – UPDATED

Update September 11, 2021: It may have taken over a year for The Verge to catch up to me, but I reported on the iPhone/motorcycle compatibility issues way back in December of 2019. It appears the problem is not limited to the use of the Rokform motorcycle bar mount. The Verge article and another article from Gizmodo points to issues with mounting the iPhone to any motorcycle. This is one of those times I wish Jimmy Mac On Two Wheels reached more riders. I could have saved a lot of…

Mountain Biking Banned In New Zealand Due To COVID

Stuff, a New Zealand news site, posted a story about how a mountain biker, in need of emergency evacuation after a fall, triggered the discovery of more than 50 mountain bikers in violation of alert-level-4 restrictions. Those restrictions? “Any recreational activity that could lead to a rescue or emergency response.”  Alert-Level 4 seems to apply to everything from skateboarding to body surfing. And you thought we had it tough here with mask mandates!

Montgomery Wards Riverside 175cc Running When Parked

Here is a cool ’69 find just waiting for you to pick it up in St. Paul, Minnesota. Lightweight-motorcycles were all the rage (like e-bikes are today) in the late 1960s. Even mail-order/department store giant Montgomery Wards got into the game. Branded the “Riverside” and made in Italy by Benelli, this 175cc two-stroke motorcycle still looks cool today. While the real Montgomery Wards is gone, Benelli is still in business (that should be a hint for people thinking about buying an e-bike from a non-cycling company). Good luck finding parts…

The Trailblazers Motorcycle Club Banquet Under The Big Top

After a delay of over a year (due to a pesky virus), the 76th Trailblazers Banquet took place on Saturday August 28th under the big top tent of the Phoenix Club in Anaheim, California. The Trailblazers Motorcycle Club is 40 years old and their banquet/Trailblazers Hall of Fame induction attracts motorcycle racing legends (active and retired), motorcycle industry dignitaries (active and retired) and racing fans (always active). The event is overwhelming for me because so many long-time friends attend, it is impossible to say hello to everyone. It would not…