1979 Honda XR500 Sells For $25,300 At Mecum Auction

I’m not attending the Las Vegas Mecum Motorcycle Auction this year. Instead, I’m following the live feed (with the sound turned off and playing the Vicious Cycles as my soundtrack). I am missing walking the aisles of beautiful motorcycles and seeing friends. Hopefully I’ll be back next year.

Check out this Honda that blew off the stage on Wednesday for a whopping $25,300! The bike is pristine and the seller is claiming they only made this model of two years. But $25,000?! Mecum must have found two people with really deep pockets who wanted this bike. Badly. I’d say congratulations, but I don’t know who to say it to. Mecum? The seller? The IRS? The buyer? I hope they are all happy.

Setting the standard: There are 6,341 Honda XR500 owners who are waxing their motorcycles tonight after an XR earned over $25,000 at auction. And they thought they had a $1500 motorcycle in the garage. Well, maybe they do? Mecum knows how to extract gold out of rubber and steel.

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