Stolen Suzuki DR-Z400 Ready To Rage Again

Stolen Suzuki DR-Z400 Ready To Rage Again

If you haven’t followed the saga of my stolen Suzuki DR-Z400, here are the CliffsNotes: Bike stolen in Tuba City, Arizona. Bike stripped and painted. Bike recovered. Bike dragged onto towing truck (causing as much damage as the crook). Bike picked up and hauled back to home base (Somis, California). Bike repaired.

The DR-Z needed turn signals, brake light, license plate holder, new plastic, new gas cap (the OEM cap is over $100), new ignition switch, a clutch lever, an OEM chain guard (no idea why the crook removed that), mirrors, lots of hardware and many hours of paint removal. The hardest part was repairing the wiring that had been cut but Lance Sallis of Central Texas Restorations walked me through the steps. Even with my Mountain-Dew-shaky hands I soldered the wires and all the lights are blinking and illuminating when they are supposed to.

My recovered Suzuki fired up and seems to be running fine. There are a few little things that still need attention (like the handlebar) and a proper shakedown ride (once I get a plate back on it) is planned. I’m just stoked to have the bike back in service.