Steve Tilford’s Favorite Place On Earth (Updated)

Steve Tilford’s Favorite Place On Earth (Updated)

On this second anniversary of the accident that claimed Steve Tilford’s life, it is time to visit a beautiful and peaceful place to ease our collective sense of loss and to honor Steve’s memory. Steve would approve (as long as I don’t give too many details).

The place is a lake located on private property outside of Cable, Wisconsin. The trail to the lake’s edge is not marked and most visitors would not even identify it as a trail. It is more of a faint path through thick, old-growth forest. The property’s owners don’t even know the spot’s location. To find it, you need to be guided by somebody who accompanied Steve on one of his visits. The place is a fiercely-guarded secret.

Steve said, “This is my favorite place on earth. I feel like this is where I belong.” That’s no small claim when you consider all the places Steve visited in his racing career. On my brief visit to the location, I understand what Steve felt and I have to agree with him.

Two years after his death, Steve is still very much in the thoughts of everyone who knew him. I hope sharing these photos helps.

Pete Caron hiked down to Tilly’s favorite place this morning and snapped a photo. Cold or warm, this is a sacred place.

Remembering Steve one year after his death.

Steve Tilford’s celebration of life.

An Irish prayer for Steve.

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