Harley-Davidson Pan America Recall Number Two

Harley-Davidson Pan America Recall Number Two

I advised back in May of 2021 to hold off on jumping onto an all-new Harley-Davidson Pan America because “It is likely that problems uncovered by the early adopters will be addressed in future versions of the Pan America.” Got that one right.

Harley-Davidson just announced their second recall of the Pan America. The first recall was due to a handhold that could break and this one has something to do with an instrument cluster electrical issue. The recalls are not reassuring (what recall is?) but they are not what I’d categorize as a “serious safety issue” (like losing your brakes or having the throttle stick). If you went against my great advice and bought one, you can get recall info here.

I had a chance to inspect a Pan America up close since my posting last May. I’m surprised that the reviews I’ve seen to date haven’t mention the most obvious initial impression…The thing is a beast! I’m talking about its pure girth. It is massive. You always see the bike shot from the right side (its “good” side). The left side sticks out like the flight deck of an aircraft carrier.

I haven’t ridden one yet and I’m not in a hurry. This is not my type of motorcycle. If I can get a demo ride in, I’ll pass along my impressions.

Foot warmer: If you tip over to the left, just tuck in. There is enough overhang to protect you and a passenger. Have to wonder if it keeps your left leg warm? I haven’t ridden one so my comments are 100% speculative. I have seen it and it is humongous. No speculation about that.