Facebook Complicit In Ripping Off Of Users?

Facebook Complicit In Ripping Off Of Users?

Facebook has created a remarkable social network so why can’t they figure a way to shield their users from obvious cons and rip-offs? Not only do they allow us to be preyed on by these thieves, they are directing them towards us and making money for doing it.

The latest ad to pop up on my feed is for a “Mini Moto Monkey 125” that sells for $109.99. The company will pay the freight and there are only 20 left so you better hurry and order yours. Don’t.

The photo in the ad is of a Honda Monkey. It is not a replica of a Honda, it is a photo of an actual Honda Monkey that carries a suggested retail of $3,999. So how can this company sell a Honda for less than 3% of its retail price? They can’t. I believe that if you send this company $110 (or God forbid, you give them a credit card number), it is the last you will ever hear from them.

Riders who read Jimmy Mac On Two Wheels will not fall for such an obvious con. That’s because you have more than a passing interest in motorcycles. The people who these ads prey on are folks who know nothing about motorcycles (or on-line commerce). And as P.T. Barnum said, “there is a sucker born every minute.”

Facebook needs to act like the smartest guys in the room that they claim to be and rid their platform of these deceptive and criminal advertisements.