Bicycle Racing Makes The Main-Stream Media

Bicycle Racing Makes The Main-Stream Media

I joked last year right after the Tour de France that as far as the general public was concerned, bicycle racing was over for the year and wouldn’t begin again until the first stage of the 2023 Tour de France. Well, I was wrong. Big time. Bicycle racing has made the headlines in all the mainstream media sports (and political) outlets. I just can’t wait for the 2023 Tour de France to start so these headlines are pushed off the front pages.

Women refuse to stand at winner’s podium after transgender cyclist finishes in first place in women’s category

Transgender cyclist forced to stand alone on podium after win

Cycling race director agonizes over UCI’s transgender participation policy

Cynisca Cycling and Inga Thompson part ways over her views on transgender inclusion

UCI defends transgender policy after Killips victory

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