$20 Audi Hood Renovation

$20 Audi Hood Renovation

This has nothing to do with motorcycles (or mountain bikes or electric bikes) although this product could be used to great affect on any of them.  My 2004 Audi A4 Avant started to develop paint issues five years ago.  I’ve always suspected the problem was caused by Audi wrapping the car (for shipping) too soon after it was painted.  The creeping fog looked to be trapped between the paint and the clear coat. Audi tech guys said it was not their problem.  I don’t believe Audi wants owners to hold onto their cars for more than 10 years because in addition to my paint issues, pretty much all the little interior plastic parts have broken and coating around things like the ignition switch, stick shift and stereo has worn away.

This is a dated photo. The hood got worse every month.

The paint on the hood really bothered me. It was embarrassing.  A $1,000 quickie paint job was a bad option for a car with a Blue Book Value around $2,500.  I was going to live with it until Ryan Azar (my good friend and investment advisor) suggested that I invest $20 in a vinyl wrap that looked like carbon fiber.  Ordered on Amazon, the 72-inch by 60-inch, outdoor-rated wrap set me back $19.50.  It took less than 2 hours for Ryan to install it and he could get that time down to less than an hour now that he has some experience.  There was enough left over to cover the worn panels by the shift knob and ash tray.

Don’t know how long this is going to last under the California summer sun. I’ll update this story after the wrap survives a few months.
This is my second Audi A4 and it will be my last. A car that demands a premium price tag shouldn’t shed its skin.
Look close and you’ll see a remnant of tape used to hold the shipping wrap of the car.  Either that or the dealership I purchased the car from had wrapped it and removed the wrap prior to my purchase.