If you have money burning a hole in your wallet and are looking for early 70’s motocross and desert bikes or mid-60’s Triumph motorcycles, you need to head to Las Vegas on June 1, 2017, to bid on some of the Zimmerman Brothers motorcycle collection. The brothers appear to be thinning out their herd (they have over 300 bikes in the collection) at the Mecum Auction in Vegas. While the offering is an impressive mix of bikes, the Brothers are not offering any of their super-collectable items (championship bikes, a CZ still in the crate, celebrity-owned bikes).

My buddy Bob Lanigan used to race one of these beauties back on the East Coast. Wouldn’t be surprised if he asks me to bid on this for him.
Scot Harrison is drooling over this little Taco. I don’t believe these bikes looked this good when they were sold the first time.

I don’t need another motorcycle but I’d love to add this one to my little collection. The 1969 BSA 441 Victor Special.

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